Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi Friends! After some time without posts now we restart full of energy with our tasting course. We are going to explain you two senses today: smell & taste. Both are extremely important in the tasting process and give us information to say i like or i do not like this wine so... LET'S GO :)


This sense give us information about the grape variety, winemaking process and ageing, barrels (oak) and evolution. As you know in the smell sense we have two kinds of information gived by the nose and the retronasal the part between the mouth and the nose

We will need two different words aroma if we speak about positive sensations smell for the negative ones.
First, through the nose we have the primary aromas and the inhalation is with the still wine or after shake it turning it slightly.

On a second step, we have to shake it more and we will have more aromas, the secundary aromas, from the fermentation.

Primary aromas from the grape and could be:

White wine:: Orange, lemon, moscato
Red wine: Blackberry, cherry, raspery, ...

Violet, rose, pine...
Rosemary, pine, green pepper...

Secundary aromas, will be produced in the fermentation process and they are inhalated when we shake strong the wine and through the retronasal. Some of them are saffron, pineapple, pear, apple, peach, strawberry, honey, ...

The terciary aromas, are produced during the ageing time knowed as BOUQUET and we have :
From Oxidation because of the contact between oak during its time into the barrel and the ageing into the bottle because of the NO oxigen in this period. Some of them are vanila, mushroom, toasted bread, nuts, cacao, coffe, caramel...