Friday, October 21, 2011


Today, we continue with the harvest, bringing grapes to the winery. Really healthy, excellent quality. The thermal fluctuations between night and day (difference between the highest and the lowest temperature) make the process easier. We are receiving the Organic grapes first because we prefer to manipulate those at the beginning of the harvest. Of course we put them in a different vat to keep the organic character. We will show you the vats during the vatting:


After that, Wine will start the natural alcoholic fermentation (the process where the grape juice change into wine) and we work the maceration then. We will try to cause a contact, as huge as we can, between the grape juice and the grapes skin, where the Polifenoles are and the antioxidants too(Resveratrol). After that, we throw the juice from the bottom of the vat to the top with the aim to break the “cap” because all the skin is floating on the top, so we will increase the contact between them. We show you the picture with the details:


During the process we will tell you some more details about the wine process.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi friends

Today we have started with this new place, called WINES WITH HEART. We expect a participative, alive, updated and also a new ideas source for our wines. In Bodegas SANTALBA, we have made official our incorporation to the WINE IN MODERATION Organization with the aim of collaborate, as much as we can, to spread the wine benefits and goodness, always in moderation. Under this premise, we consider that Wine is part of our Mediterranean diet, food, not just an alcoholic drink. Previous generations have left an important history and legacy to get the wine, always thinking to getting better everyday, day by day its organoleptic qualities, sensorial and pleasant sensations.

We will not be who leave that goal and for 13 years ago, we work everyday with that objective in our minds. We have created our Heart logo (you can see it on the right hand above our profile), which we will print it in our labels. With it, we will try to promote natural Wine around the world, without added, introducing in bottles, grapes with its own character and behaviour with our meek knowledges.

From this Blog, we will tell you our improvements, weakness and failures, worries in our daily and ordinary tasks. As a result we will have Natural Wines, Honest, with the goal to be liked by the customer and to be a healthy food (of course, in MODERATION).

Please, if you have any suggestion, doubt, questions or you just want to collaborate, please, just do it. From Bodegas SANTALBA we will be pleased about it.

Welcome and thank you so much.