Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wine process - Part III

After this alcoholic fermentation and as we have been talking about, wine should have another fermentation called Malolactic fermentation. This point of fermentations is really important and a decisive aspect for the final result.

This process is done when the malic acid turn into lactic acid because of the lactic bacteria. During the process there is a very important emission of carbonic gas, and that is why the winery and the elaboration area has a very modern and sophisticated alarm system to detect the carbonic level and, just in case, get it out from the winery.

This fermentation is also called Secundary fermentation.

Temperature control panel
The malolactic fermentation effects are the depletion of the total acidity because part of it turned it into carbonic gas. This gas is lost and detached during the process.

The acid malic fermentation is caused because of the development of the lactic bacteria located in the ripe grape skin.

In Bodegas Santalba, fermentations are controlled and supervised by a very modern and innovative temperature control system where a panel tell us how is working each tank and if necessary send cold or hot in each moment.

When this stage is concluded we have different options to continue the wine process until the wine will be in our cups... keep and eye and we will continue soon