Monday, February 27, 2012


Today, we start our post with a great sentence from a very popular philosopher and enssayist, José Ortega y Gasset.

“Wine give brilliance to the countryside, excite the hearts, light the eyes and teach to the feet the dance”
( In Spanish; ”El vino da brillantez a las campiñas, exalta los corazones, enciende las pupilas y enseña a los pies la danza.”) We will show you that everything is here, in Bodegas Santalba.

Fist of all, “The wine give brillance to the countryside..”

Look at this photo, we have took it this morning and it is our organic vineyard Viña Hermosa, awsome.

Viña Hermosa Vineyard - Bodegas Santalba

This vineyard is really special for us, because its grapes, our concern for the respect for the enviroment, the wine that we obtain from these vines… lots of reasons that make it extraordinary.

Wines with heart - Bodegas Santalba
Following with the sentence, “…excite the hearts”, the wine organic Santalba is obtained from this vineyard, is the one with the highest level of Resveratrol in the world, and as you know is a healthy component for humans to prevent heart illness and some other more. Also, the reason for our Blog’s tittle… The vineyard care with natural and organic products makes a  free toxic waste wine.

““…light the eyes” Always is a good moment to enjoy a glass of wine with friends, family, work-mates. Wine is always linked with satisfaction and happyness. Any moment is perfect to open a bottle of wine and say cheers!!!

Finally, “…teach to the feet the dance” there are not words to explain this part of the sentece so i’ll finísh wishing you a nice day!!!

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