Thursday, April 9, 2015

Barrel fermented wines - ABANDO

Whites and Roses have the possibility to be elaborated in a different and special way. Is the one, that we use for ABANDO white and rose barrel fermented and we are going to explain you the particular method for these wines.

The alcoholic fermentation is produced into the american oak barrels in case of ABANDO. Each winery can use a different kind of oak or from another origen. This make easier a natural temperature control during the fermentation (because there is a large cooling surface to small amount of liquid), an spontaneus clarification and a quick elimination of yeast, having a better assembly with the flavors provided by the oak. The result are wines structured and elegant with soft oak flavours.

For a perfect elaboration we have to do the “Bâtonage”, a french word that means blend or move the wine to mix it very well with the lees (yeast). The sediments will transmit to the wine flavours, texture, complexity and struture.

Finaly, we keep our ABANDO wines during aproximatly 6 months into the barrel. The result and conclusion are yours. An spectacular wine with a rich textura, excellent acidity, persistent tasty finish and with a strong structure. All these qualities will improve with a period of bottle-ageing. 

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